Eu3+ doped borosilicate glass for solid-state luminescence material

S Rakpanich, N Wantana, Y Ruangthaweep, J Kaewkhao


The Eu3+ doped potassium borosilicate (KBSi:Eu3+) glasses were prepared by the melt quenching technique. The physical, optical and luminescence properties of glasses were investigated. Glass density and molar volume increase with increasing of Eu2O3 concentration. Glasses absorbed photons in the visible light and near infrared region. Since 394 nm excitation, glasses emitted the strong light with 613 nm in milliseconds of lifetime. CIE 1931 chromaticity diagram exhibits that emission from KBSi:Eu3+ glass is reddish-orange light. In summary, this KBSiEu glass performs the interesting property for using in the photonic devices such as solid-state laser and LEDs.

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Printed ISSN: 0857-6149

Online ISSN: 2630-0508