Study on structure and luminescence properties of LaBMoO6:Dy3+ phosphor for photonic material applications

E Kaewnuam, N Wantana, H J Kim, J Kaewkhao


Phosphor powder of LaBMoO6:Dy3+ were prepared to investigate the structure, absorption and luminescence properties. The influence of Dy2O3 concentration on these properties were also studied. XRD characterization represents the main structure of phosphor as monoclinic from LaBMoO6 host matrix. From the reflection spectra, Dy3+ in phosphor can absorb more amount of visible light and near infrared radiation with increasing of Dy2O3 concentration. The energy band gap of LaBMoO6 compound was expanded after doping with Dy2O3 which results to the blue shift of absorption edge. The emission spectra perform the strong yellow and blue light emitting under Dy3+ electric dipole (4F9/2 6H13/2) and magnetic dipole (4F9/2 6H15/2) transition, respectively. Fitting the luminescence decay curve results to Dy3+ emission life time in millisecond. This phosphor performs the potential for using as photonic materials in display/screen and LED devices.

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Printed ISSN: 0857-6149

Online ISSN: 2630-0508