Novel thermoplastic vulcanizates based on polyamide 12 blends: Influence of modified devulcanized natural rubber gloves on properties of the blends

S Saiwari, B Sripornsawat, N Hayeemasae


Alternative application for utilization of recycled rubber is extended in thermoplastic elastomer. Thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) from blends of polyamide 12 (PA 12) and devulcanized rubber from waste of natural rubber gloves (DNRG) have been successfully prepared. The TPVs remarkably exhibit superior elasticity compared to the original PA 12.  Further improvement of physical properties of the TPVs has been elaborated by introducing maleated DNRG (MDNRG). The grafting efficiency of maleic anhydride onto the MDNRG backbone was confirmed by FTIR technique. The MDNRG/PA 12 TPVs exhibited greater stiffness and damping factor compared to the DNRG/PA 12 TPVs. This is attributed to chemical interaction between polar functional groups in the PA 12 molecules and anhydride groups in the MDNRG molecules which have been proved by ATR-FTIR and TSSR techniques. Moreover, the interfacial interaction facilitates higher interfacial adhesion between the both phases consequently results in the significant improvement of the MDNRG/PA 12 TPVs mechanical and elastic properties. This is in good agreement to the morphology of the blends. It is verified that the smaller micron-sized vulcanized rubber domains dispersed in the PA 12 matrix is found in the MDNRG/PA 12 TPVs compared to the DNRG/PA 12 TPVs.

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Printed ISSN: 0857-6149

Online ISSN: 2630-0508