Recent developments in graphene based metal matrix composite coatings for corrosion protection application: A review

A K Hussain, U MB Al Naib


Metallic coatings are considered as an important material which is utilized in a variety of protective applications due to its lightweight, tough and chemical resistive surface. Rising industrial demands for high performing coatings led the researchers to improve the properties of conventional metallic coatings for corrosion protection and other applications. Graphene based metal matrix composite coatings is a widely studied subject nowadays on account of its ability to protect metal substrates against deterioration in the corrosive environment. The addition of graphene as nanofillers into the metal matrix not only improves corrosion performance but also mechanical and tribological properties. In this present review, the effect of incorporation of graphene as reinforcement on corrosion behaviour of different metal matrix coatings when applied on different metal substrates has been presented. Electrochemical codeposition is used as main technique to deposit these composite coatings as thin film on metal surfaces. Major issues related to graphene nanosheets agglomeration, graphene-matrix interactions and controlling of electrodeposition process parameters are also discussed in detail.

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Printed ISSN: 0857-6149

Online ISSN: 2630-0508