The luminescence, optical, and structural properties of SrMoO4:Ce3+ phosphor for photonics material applications

E Kaewnuam, N Wantana, S Saikaew, J Kaewkhao


SrMoO4:Ce3+ phosphors with different Ce2O3 concentration were studied in the structure, optical and luminescence properties. The phosphor powders were synthesized by a solid-state reaction to investigate with the XRD, FTIR, absorption and emission spectra measurement. The XRD patterns confirm the tetragonal crystalline structure of SrMoO4 host composition. The FTIR spectra show the dominant vibrations of tetrahedral [MoO4]2- unit in powders. These phosphors absorb photons in the range of ultraviolet and visible light proved by the absorption spectra. The emission spectra represent the strongest emission at 421 nm wavelength of phosphors under 266 nm excitation. This emission occurred under the transition from the intermediate states between the band gap of SrMoO4 host and its intensity tends toreduce with an increment of Ce2O3 concentration due to the perturbation from electron interaction. The SrMoO4: Ce3+ phosphor performs the interesting potential for photonic applications such as ultraviolet to visible light converter and near-ultraviolet / visible light source.

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Printed ISSN: 0857-6149

Online ISSN: 2630-0508